8 Essentials for Your Child’s Summer Camp Checklist

If you are a parent, you know all too well how exciting the prospect of sending your kid off to camp is. Whether it is your first time, or if you already have experience, it can be a mutually thrilling affair. The memories your child will make with other campers is just as enjoyable as making sure they are well prepared for their venture.

When it actually comes to preparation, it is vital to ensure that they have all the necessary supplies at summer camps. Since they will be heading off into a lesser-known area, having the requisite items is important.

For clarity’s sake, here are eight summer camp checklist items to outfit your child with:

1. Prescribed Medication

Above all else, your child’s health is of the utmost importance. That’s why prescribed medication should be number one in your summer camp checklist. There are many factors that could potentially mitigate their well-being while they are in camp. As a result, you should always verify that they are headed off to summer camp with their prescribed medication, if they have a condition. This is one step to take, in preventing emergencies from occurring.

If your child suffers from asthma, ensure that their inhalers are labelled and packed in a place that is easily accessible. Many summer camps are already outfitted with emergency medical supplies, but each child has their own needs. You don’t want to risk their health while they are out of your view, so always verify that they have their prescriptions on hand.

2. Secondary Medical Supplies

As mentioned previously, most summer camps will have emergency stashes of medical supplies. In the event of a specific condition, make sure your child carries with them alternative medicine too. Items, such as treatment for bug bites, especially during the summer time, are usually warranted.

You may also instruct your child to carry with them some allergy medication. Environmental factors may cause an inflammation of your kid’s allergies, so provide them with enough, in the event that the summer camp doesn’t have any. You want your child to enjoy their time at camp, so don’t allow potential medical scenarios to interfere with them!

3. Sleeping Materials

Of course, when the day comes to a close during camp, children need to be off to sleep. Providing your kids with the right sleeping necessities will help them rest for the subsequent day. Items such as an adequate pillow are obvious, but a comfortable sleeping bag is just as vital.

In addition, make sure they carry with them a fitted sheet, in order to cushion their comfort levels while in the sleeping bag. An extra blanket may also come in handy, as some summer nights can become cold at any moment.

4. Towels

When it comes to proper hygiene, you’re are going to want to ensure that your child has proper towelling. For maximum efficiency, provide them with two; one that can be used, and a spare to use while the former is drying. If the extent of their summer camp venture is longer, consider providing them with more, depending on the length of the stay.

5. Camping Clothes

Don’t let the warmer weather of summer fool you; it is still necessary to dress your kid appropriately. For example, make sure they have lots of clean socks and underwear. If the camp stipulates that they will be going swimming, consider providing your child with a swimsuit.

For normal, day-to-day activities, older clothing will work best. Items such as jeans, cargo shorts, and a light jacket will often be required. For the inevitable hike that will take place, ensure they are also given a light sweater, in case it gets colder at higher altitudes.

6. Snacks

Meals will be provided throughout your child’s stay at summer camp. However, sometimes they may have a craving for sources of nutrition outside the camp itself. In this case, pack some of your kid’s favourites into their backpack, so they can eat them at their own pace. Grocery stores will provide great choices, but nothing beats homemade ones!

7. Toiletries

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to your child, while they are off at summer camp. As such, make sure you pack the necessary toiletries, so they can make use of them when it’s time to get clean. Items such as body wash are necessary, but don’t forget sunscreen! The sun can become harsh on their skin, especially in some, situated summer camp locations.

8. Various Mementos

Your child will eventually return home at some point. However, while they are enjoying themselves, provide them with some key mementos that will remind them of you and their home. Collages work best; that way, they won’t forget about you entirely!

Summer camp can be considered to be a turning point in your kid’s life. They get to experience the great outdoors with fellow campers their age, and are able to make fantastic memories as well. Just be sure to always pack them with their essentials before sending them off!

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