8 Best White Wine Regions Around the World

Although you can certainly find excellent white wine in many different parts of the globe, there are a few that really stand out as exceptional. In addition to knowing which region you prefer when buying white wine, knowing the best wine producing regions can also help you plan a wonderful grape-themed vacation.

If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to the top places for white wine, here are a few of the best white wine regions worth considering.

1. Bordeaux Wine Region

There’s a reason why you’re likely to find this in many lists for the best white wine regions. Known, informally, as the wine capital of the world Bordeaux is steeped in a luscious wine culture that makes it an attractive option for anyone interested in fermented grapes.

Home to the Sauternes region that produces some of the most delicious sweet white wine available, you could easily spend a whole week wine tasting in Bordeaux and just barely scratch the surface.

2. Burgundy Wine Region

The number one place to go to sample superior Chardonnay, the Burgundy (Bourgogne) wine region in France is one of the main regions for Old World wine. Encompassing several famous sub-regions, including Côte d’Auxerre (Chablis), Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, and Côte Chalonnaise, the wines produced in the best spot of the areas are truly considered to be some of the most prestigious in France.

3. Savoie Wine Region

Producing mostly white wines from the Altesse and Roussanne grapes, Savoie is a lesser known wine region, stretching from Geneva, Switzerland down to the region surrounding Chambery, France. Planted on steep slopes, a visit to the Savoie Wine Region also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy incredible views and partake in a wide range of outdoor activities.

4. Loire Valley Wine Region

Another extremely famous wine region, the Loire Valley is most famous for the wonderful Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blancs produced here. Made up of many separate sub regions, including the Muscadet, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé regions, there is plenty to explore in this incredibly fruitful area.

5. Mosel Wine Region

Consistently ranked among the top German producers, the Mosel region is famous for its fruity, acidic Riesling grapes. In addition to the delicious wines on offer, here you can also wander the cobblestone lanes and explore a variety of charming villages.

6. Santorini Wine Region

With island vibes and incredible white wines, Santorini has been producing some of the world’s best wine since the middle ages. Boasting a unique wine-growing technique, called koulara, it protects the grapes from strong winds and allows them to soak up what little water is available from the porous volcanic soil.

If you’re wondering what iconic to try while roaming the island, the flagship grape is Assyrtiko, a strong, bold white grape used in many single-varietal and blended wines. Unique to the island, you can also try another excellent white called Nykteri, or opt for a Vinsanto is you’re inclined to something sweeter.

7. Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region

Located in northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia, this charming wine region is where the world’s oldest botrytized wine originated, known as Tokaji aszú wine. Botrytis, or noble rot, is a beneficial type of fungus that grows on grapes and produces a really delightful sweet wine.

8. Rhineland Pfals Wine Region

The second-largest wine region in Germany, the wines on offer here are primarily of the dry, white variety. A significant attraction for local and international tourist looking to experience the German wine route, there are over 22 varietals of grapes that are officially allowed in the area, so there is certainly no shortage of variety.

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