6 Great International Jobs with Visa and Relocation Support

As you move through various phases in your life, you’ll find that employment can be very malleable. The modern day employer is generally very flexible, although this can change from company to company. Sometimes, you may want to work for a big organization in your vicinity. Or, you may choose to work for a local business.

You may also, at some point in your life, choose to work overseas. This is an awesome opportunity to both experience a new career path, as well as explore a foreign country. To do this, however, you’ll have to ensure that your targeted employer offers visa and relocation support.

If you want to explore new career prospects, consider these following international jobs with visa and relocation support:

1. Information Technology Jobs

The world of web development and software engineering is growing at a rapid rate. That’s why it’s considered one of the best international jobs with visa and relocation support. Many experts believe that the job market for IT jobs is expected to only accelerate in the coming years. Google, one of the stalwarts of IT-oriented careers, is one such company offering flexible jobs.

No matter if you are looking to work as a software engineer or in a cloud-based position, Google is a great start. Most of their offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East provide applicants with visa sponsorship as well.

Just be sure to have the right documentation on hand, as it is a lengthy process to go through. If you need assistance, you may be interested in contacting a relocation service for help. These relocation specialists are experienced in handling all the essential documentation and ensure your move is a success.

2. Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important component of our digital economy. Many largescale companies, such as Facebook, want specialized individuals working specifically in this area. If you fall under this category, you may want to try your hand at working abroad in Facebook’s London bureau.

The company has been trying to expand its efforts around the world as of late. In order to facilitate this process, Facebook has been sponsoring work visas for successful applicants. While it isn’t readily known if this is the same in other cyber-oriented paths, you may want to inquire further if it interests you.

3. Media Support Jobs

For those who are fans of binging media content, why not try your hand at working with Netflix? The company has expanded globally over the last few years, setting up offices in places such as Amsterdam. For those who are interested in relocating, Netflix also provides visa sponsorship as well.

It was initially setup so that only American-based applicants could go through the process. However, if you are interested in media-oriented roles, the company is also including non-US applicants as well. To work in other bureaus of the world, such as Asia, you may need to provide more documentation.

4. Investment Banking Jobs

Banks are renowned for their capacity to hire individuals for various positions around the world. Only look to famous names such as Morgan Stanley or HSBC for their diverse workforce. In the area of investment banking and management consulting, this is especially true. If you are looking to work abroad, this may be your best bet.

One important caveat to note is that financial organizations usually require you to work at home first. Once they are confident in your track record, they will be happy to sponsor a work visa for another location. It’s a lengthy process, but the payoff is very much worth it if you have future plans for relocation.

5. Video Game Industry Jobs

The video game world is thriving at the moment, with companies capitalizing on the digital-based market. Many organizations, such as Konami, are also offering interested applicants to work overseas at their Japanese headquarters. What makes it even more enticing is that they go beyond the standard benefits.

For example, if hired, they will provide you with help to find a new home in the country. Learning the language will also be an invaluable asset, and Konami is dedicated to helping their employees in this light. Sometimes, it pays to work abroad, especially if you love being involved with gaming!

6. Broadcast News Jobs

The biggest mainstream media companies have bureaus all over the world. With news consumption becoming increasingly digital, the need for correspondents on the ground increases. For instance, if you want to be a reporter or foreign correspondent, CNN International will offer relocation support.

Like investment banking, however, news organizations want you to pay your dues first. It is recommended that you build up a profile as a reporter in your home country, before applying abroad. That way, your prowess for reporting the news will translate seamlessly, no matter where you are.

Although there are a myriad of companies to work for abroad, you’ll always have to do your research first. The process of relocating, as well as having the right visa sponsorship, is incredibly important. Once it is all documented, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in a brand new country!

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