8 Secrets Only Known to The Movers About Moving Houses

Most people would agree that moving and or relocating is no easy task. In fact, it ranks among the top most stressful events in any person’s life. There are literally dozens upon dozens of things which you need to consider for the moment you decide that you finally want to relocate to a different area. Take factors like the overall total cost that will be needed to complete the whole process by the movers Vancouver, the distance between the home area you are moving from and the one you are moving to, and other stuff like that. All these things can stress someone out big time.

But even so, there are a couple of tips and tricks which you can always try out to try and make your moving process less hectic and maybe even more fun for your moving company. Here is a short list of some of the things you need to do to ensure that your whole moving process is smooth and less stressful.

1. Pack everything before the actual moving day

One thing that doesn’t usually seem to clock in most people’s minds is that the last minute unexpected packings are sure ways to increase the overall duration period of the move. Plus, if you hire movers, will increase the overall estimated amount for the move. Chances are that you might also end up packing things improperly and end up breaking fragile stuff. You may even forget some valuable belongings while you are in a hurry to do your last-minute packing.

2. Ensure you have a moving day bug-out bag

Doing this can be a real lifesaver sometimes, especially in the event of a disaster. Not that moving is a disaster, but it can feel like one if you aren’t too careful. A bug-out bag can be exactly what you need to help you survive through the moving process. Have all the regular must-use stuff of yours here so as to prevent any more time wastage during the moving day.

3. Have a loading plan for the moving truck

It is vital that you have a well thought out plan when loading the moving truck with your belongings. Remember, some stuffs are more fragile than others and can end up breaking when not loaded or packed properly.

4. Get a shoulder dolly

This is the two-person moving strap system which is used to secure heavy items by placing it underneath them. The heavy stuff like dryers, dishwashers, couches, heavy dressers, etc. You and your partner can then put on the straps, grab and lift the item more securely.

5. Protect sensitive furniture using blankets

Moving can also end up damaging your sensitive furniture which only adds to your repair expenses that you are not looking for. You can avert this by wrapping the sensitive furniture with blankets and secure them with tape. Better the blanket to get dirty or damaged, then the furniture, right?

6. When hiring movers, request for a binding estimate

You may have a rough idea of the total amount needed for the entire move. But you will get a more accurate figure from the movers. That is the only way that you can be financially safe during the moving process. You may end up having to pay more than you thought simply because you didn’t ask for an estimate.

7. Reserve a spot for the moving truck

Keeping your moving process as efficient as possible by reserving a spot for your truck can help you a great deal by avoiding going into overtime plus any other costs associated with that. Ensure that the moving truck has a good spot to park for the move.

8. Avoid peak moving times

Moving during the off-peak periods, especially from around May to mid-September is usually a great idea and can also save you a lot of money too. The peak times usually have movers cramped with moving schedules and their demand also high which can lead to substantially higher moving fees.

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