Little Known Facts About Education Degrees

Little Known Facts About Education Degrees

Every year, thousands and thousands of students all over the world graduate from college and get their degrees especially from Ontario teacher training programs. They all go their separate ways and within no time, they begin to learn the things that they should have learned about tertiary education even before they enrolled. Most of them get into the corporate world while others end up doing things that are completely unrelated to what they did while they were in college. Shocking, isn’t it? Well there is a reason for this. Here are the little known facts about education degrees.

1. They are only meant to shape your thought process

If you went to college thinking that the purpose was to get that degree which would help you get a good job and have you set for life then you got the concept all wrong. The whole point of getting a college degree was to shape your thinking. To equip you with knowledge that you would have otherwise not had if you did not go to college.

2. They are not practical

Save for certain degrees like medicine and law, most of the things that we get to learn in college will never actually be used in the real world. There is no point in time when you will ever get to know the importance of studying the parts of an insect. It will never be practical. The world is changing at a very rapid pace and knowledge is not as important as the ability to exercise it.

3. They are not really worth it

Let us take a look at the amount of time that we spend in college and the amount of tuition fees that we pay over the years just to be able to graduate and get a college degree. It is quite unfortunate to think that all the money and effort invested was not worth it but there is some truth to it. There is a large percentage of people who earn way more than the college graduate does and this makes you wonder what the problem is. Lots of people are venturing into business rather than using so much money to get college degrees. This will only eave them looking for jobs that are so hard to find these days. Those who started at a younger age are doing much better so ask yourself whether that college degree was really worth it.

4. Skills overtake the knowledge

The skills and talents that you have are probably way more important than that college degree that you have because employers have now started hiring people based on their skills and talents as opposed to just having qualifications on paper because a lot of graduates hired do not measure up to their qualifications.

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