6 Fun Things to Do at The Mall Besides Shopping

Many attractions in our world are pretty self-explanatory due to their name. Take the classic example of the shopping mall, where people from all walks of life will visit to spend money. The various stores and markets inside the mall can certainly be the foundation of your new favourite purchases.

On the flip side, shopping malls can be seen as more than just a place to buy new things. They can also be seen as commercial areas that have a bunch of other purposes as well. Sometimes, you do not even have to spend a dime to have a great time at the mall.

Here are six fun things to do at the mall besides shopping:

1. Walking

You are not inclined to purchase anything at a shopping mall once inside. You could visit at any time, walk the entire mall’s length, and exit with nothing in hand. Walking can be one of the most therapeutic activities since it can always be a fresh experience.

Simply grab a friend or family member, and plan out your walk. You are encouraged to do a few laps around the mall to get a decent sweat going. Some plazas like the Burlington Shopping Mall are beautifully designed, so your walks will be scenic and relaxing.

Moreover, some malls even host group walks before mall hours begin. Get involved where possible, and you will have a ton of fun!

2. Bonding Time

You could take your relationships to the next level at the shopping mall by walking. It may seem unorthodox, but shopping mall visits can be the basis of some much-needed bonding. This sentiment is especially true for new parents, who require a safe setting to walk their kids when possible.

Or, you may even decide to grab a quick bite to eat with a date before heading off elsewhere for the day. No matter which way you slice it, the mall could always be a locale to reinforce the bond you share with someone. Grab a coffee or other beverage, and let the talking do the rest!

3. Interactive Fun

Modern shopping malls have quickly become attractions that provide many options for entertainment. For example, pop-up shops request your interactivity almost every other week. Participating in these pop-up games can win prizes through some neat competitions.

Or, you could also spend your time at an arcade inside the mall itself. There is almost a no better way to compete against a friend than by playing a timeless game together. Since almost all malls are unique, interactive fun is sure to vary. Plus, you will only have to spend as much as possible.

4. Reading

Book stores may be seen as a dime a dozen, but they are timeless in their overall function. Sometimes, all you need to do is grab your favourite beverage and read a good book. Shopping malls will usually have one or more bookstores, each providing a different theme. For example, your favourite non-fiction book may be found in one store and not the other.

Readers are also incentivized to spend some time here and take a load off. There are a ton of cafes that are built inside of these stores or, at the very least, built nearby. You may not necessarily have to stay inside the book store either. Find a tree outside the mall, sit under it, and get lost in your favourite subject matter if the weather permits.

5. Eating Out

Like their counterpart in bookstores, restaurants will always be a staple of shopping malls. While you don’t necessarily have to shop at them, they provide the incentive of bonding with others over a meal. Sometimes, your weekend fun can come in meeting up with an old friend for lunch.

Or, you may just want to try out the latest offerings yourself at a new eatery inside the mall’s food court. Dining inside of a mall can be the basis of a great time, without having to spend more than you expected to. Eateries and restaurants pop up quickly outside the mall; don’t forget to check these out.

6. Pet Store

Some purchases at the shopping mall are much more involved than others. Even though you do not need to make a purchase, head on to the mall’s pet shop. Here, you will find a large variety of animals to check out for an afternoon’s worth of fun. You may even come to find a companion here for a future mall trip; the advantage is twofold!

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