What to Do in West Hollywood

There is so much to see and do in West Hollywood. Whether you are moving into one of West Hollywood’s luxury apartments or are simply visiting the area, there are seemingly endless places to explore. Around every corner, there are sights, stories, and experiences waiting to be discovered. Beyond the joys of exploring the Sunset Strip, there are also art galleries, parks, architecture, and lots more.

Here is everything you need to know about what to do in West Hollywood for a newcomer.

1. The Troubadour

The Troubadour is a suitable spot to see up-and-coming bands and artists with great sound and history.

2. The Sunset Strip

Take a walk down West Hollywood’s most famous street. The Sunset Strip is a mile-and-a-half long. It’s the epicentre of music, billboards, legend, and kitsch. It’s home to Mel’s, Pink Dot, Carney’s, and Saddle Ranch, among other hot spots.

3. West Hollywood Luxury Apartments and Hotels

West Hollywood luxury apartments and hotels are widely known for their unique styles, often reminiscent of old Hollywood and the work of some of America’s greatest architects. For example, a tour of something like the Chateau Marmont is a beautiful spot to go see where so many artists, actors, and celebrities have come to stay.

4. Santa Monica Boulevard’s Rainbow Crosswalks

The rainbow crosswalks of Santa Monica Boulevard are hard to miss and a very photogenic spot to grab a selfie from.

5. The Abbey

The Abbey is a hot spot to be remiss not to visit and indulge in. The Abbey is LA’s biggest and best gay bar, although these days, it tends to attract more tourists and barflies than its original LGBTQ+ crew when it first opened.

6. The ONE Gallery

The ONE Gallery is the host of exhibitions on American queer nightlife, AIDS activism in LA, and more. Their archives are one of the biggest, comprising LGBTQ+ books, magazines, movies, photos, and prints.

7. The Roxy Theatre

Another famous venue along the Sunset Strip – and where bands such as Guns n’ Roses cut their teeth – is the Roxy. Lots of talent has and continues to come through its doors. You never know who you might see playing a set at the Roxy on any night.

8. The Comedy Store

The infamous Comedy Store dates back to 1972, and to this day, you never know who might show up on any night. From some of the world’s biggest comedians and comedy superstars to the next big thing in stand-up comedy, the Comedy Store is an amazing place to come and see showcases of some of the country’s best comedic talents.

9. The Laugh Factory

In addition to the Comedy Store, you have the equally prestigious Laugh Factory in West Hollywood to catch more comedy icons and celebrities trying out new material, delivering classic anecdotes, and more.

10. The West Hollywood Public Library Area

The West Hollywood Public Library is a great place to pick up a book, but around the building is an equally nice area well worth a look. Enjoy a coffee at the cafe, see amazing views of the Hollywood Hills, and stroll through West Hollywood Park, where you may catch an event or speaker on any given day.

11. The RH West Hollywood Rooftop

Enter the art gallery-influenced furniture store and move past it to discover a secret hangout on the rooftop. While access may be limited, if you are fortunate enough to be invited and are willing to shell out the big bucks, this sort of exclusive West Hollywood experience may be just what you’re missing.

12. Book Soup

Pick up a few books at West Hollywood’s best indie bookstore. Book Soup has been in the neighbourhood since the mid-1970s. They carry more than 6,000 titles today and are a must-see stop on any fan of literature’s tour of the community.

13. The Sunset Plaza

The Sunset Plaza has a small collection of outdoor dining and trendy restaurants. Spread across Sunset Boulevard, catch classic LA eats, meals, and treats served by some of the community’s newest, upcoming chefs fine-tuning their craft.

14. The Schindler House

Austrian architect Rudolf Schindler designed the Schindler House, an event space today. It’s also a great place to come and pay for a tour to see a little bit about what 1920s LA bohemia was like, complete with sleeping baskets, communal kitchens, and some of the state’s most creative architecture.

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