How to Create an Inviting Living Room

The living room is one of a home’s most personality-infused spaces. It gets a lot of time as well. Living rooms are where we gather, watch our favourite movies and TV, have conversations, entertain parties and friends, and relax.

An inviting living room will help make anyone in the room feel comfortable and welcome, safe and happy, and free to be themselves. Here is how to create an inviting living room.

Cozy Living Room Furniture

You can’t have an inviting living room with cozy living room furniture. Your sofa and chairs should be carefully curated to feel soft and comfortable. There are also many alternative furniture options, including day beds, sectionals, futons, and more. Ensure any additional seats have lots of support and are comfortable for anyone to sit in.

Across your sofa and elsewhere in the room, such as with your curtains, use soft materials and textiles. Throw blankets and pillows add warmth. Some of the softest materials for a living room are wool, fleece, and cashmere. If someone new comes into the room and they experience soft textiles on the skin, you’ll win big points.

Psychology of Colour

Opt for relaxing, calm colours, not only with how the walls are painted but also in the living room furniture you select. Colours in the room should complement one another, with a base colour dominating the living room with select colours present in accents. Neutrals are generally best to help someone relax, but what relaxes you and your friends may be different.

While you can invite and relax in colour, you can also use it to create excitement. A bright yellow, blue, green, purple, or even a darker hue like burgundy can be used in accent décor to grab attention. Too many bold colours can be bad, but small flourishes and accents make it easy to see the appeal.

Area Rugs

An area rug warms up your flooring a bit. A patterned area rug creates a new dynamic if it’s cold and colourless. It’s also a way to show some personality and brighten the room. Be sure to have an area rug that’s appropriately sized for the space – that is, you can comfortably put your furniture on and trace out your seating area.

Art and Photos

Have art and photos in the room that represent you, your background, or your interests. Photos of family, friends, pets, and interests help make a living room feel like a true home. They’ll give others something to look at and understand more about you. This personalized home décor will make any room feel more warm and welcoming.


Nature can relax most people, making them feel calm and like they’re somewhere safe. Plants and greenery indoors are their accents. They add vibrant life. You don’t need to be a plant expert to care for one. A simple succulent or another low-maintenance plant won’t be the source of much trouble and will help add warmth and a whole new texture to the space.

Living Room Lighting

Your lighting has got to be warm and cozy. Cold, harsh lighting shouldn’t be in your living room. As this is such a dynamic space, you will want some ambient lighting and task and accent lighting for a perfect living room atmosphere. You may want to find some nice, inviting light fixtures or lamps for evening use and, during the day, ensure to open up the curtains for natural light.

Creative Wallpaper

If you want your living room to be more intellectually stimulating, put in conversation pieces that encourage that thinking. Playful, creative wallpaper infused with personality is one approach. Adding unexpected patterns or colours to your wall – i.e. floral, checkered prints, coloured blocks, etc. – can be very inviting to the right crowd.

Natural Materials

We referenced nature earlier as a sort of natural de-stressor. It’s true! Natural materials do the same. Incorporate more wood into your living room for warmth. Any sort of plant fibre or wood in your décor or living room furniture will help add texture and literal life to your room. You may also choose to use elements like stone and metal, though be careful not to overdo it.


Remove any clutter from your living room. Too much décor, too many books, or too much square footage taken up will make the room feel less welcoming than it is. Take care of any messes. Have a natural path for guests to follow. Organize, organize, and organize with smart storage solutions in and out of the room if required.

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