6 Best Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas for Singles

Living a single life means you are in charge of everything at home, including shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating. You get to decide what type of furniture to buy and how to put together your solitary setup, and while it may seem easy, there is much to consider.

Living rooms and kitchens are pretty simple because they need to serve specific functions for yourself and your guests. Your bedroom may be a different story, though. This is a personal area you mainly use, and it could have multiple functions depending on your lifestyle and size. You may even have only one large room to deal with.

Are you wondering how to best set up your sleeping quarters? Here are some great bachelor pad bedroom ideas to get you operational.

Idea #1: Theme

You may want a theme for your whole living space, but you can just start with your bedroom and see where it goes. Having a theme helps with furniture and decor choices and makes creating the specific look you want easier.

Some theme ideas are modern, industrial, minimalist, rustic, or bohemian styles. Remember, just because this is a smaller residence doesn’t mean you can’t use a theme and decorate accordingly.

Idea #2: Bed

The main use of a bedroom is to sleep, and you want a comfortable bed that fits the space. You must be creative if your bachelor pad has one big room and a bathroom. Either way, having a dual-function piece of furniture will give you more options.

Getting a sofa bed is your best bet for living a single life in a small space. While you may envision a pullout couch that is uncomfortable to sleep in, today is a different story. Sofa beds are modern and sturdy while quickly converting into plush beds, allowing space saving and extra seating in your home.

Sofa beds come in a variety of configurations, so you have options including:

  • 2-seat sofa beds
  • 3-seat sofa beds
  • Sectional sofa beds
  • Day beds
  • Chair sleepers

If you have a separate bedroom in your place, a sofa bed will be perfect in the living room for when friends come over and need to spend the night.

Idea #3: Bedding

Now you have your bed, but you must outfit it next. You may have a set of sheets, but that is only the beginning. You want your bedroom to look great, so you should set it up with the right bedding for comfort and look. Start with high-quality sheets, so they last you, and make sure to have an extra set to get you through between wash days. Next, you can get a thick duvet to keep you warm. An extra blanket on the end of the bed or tucked into storage is a good idea too.

Now you need pillows. Get two standard pillows that fit the bed and two extra Euro pillows to prop yourself up to watch tv, work on your laptop or even read before sleep. Remember, you may share this bed occasionally and want to comfort your special guest.

Idea #4: Furniture

If space allows, you can get a few pieces of furniture to add to the room for function and decor. A tall dresser takes advantage of vertical space while giving you many drawers to house your clothes. A nightstand is a must; if you can only fit one, that’s fine. You will carry a lamp and maybe an alarm clock here and room for a cup of tea and a good book.

If you can spare more room, a small chair is handy for getting dressed and draping clothes over. You may also have a small computer set up with a chair in the room. Make sure you don’t crowd the space because that will make it look smaller.

Idea #5: Paint

Nothing changes the look of a room faster than a little paint, and for your place, you can go muted, bold or somewhere in between. Think about the furniture in your room and see how a nice shade can complement it. White goes with everything, but it can be boring, so try off-white or pale yellow, green or even grey to add to the look.

Idea #6: Decor items

Finally, you can finish the room with those little accent pieces personal to you. Maybe you have some artwork you like or pictures of your latest holiday adventures. Add some depth in the bedroom with hanging art and a large mirror to bring the room to life.

Living solo doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spruce up the place and make it homey. Your bedroom can become an oasis if you let it, so use this as a guide to make your bachelor pad the talk of the town.

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