Pursuing Your Physician Practice Dreams in Caribbean Medical Schools


Physicians are increasingly becoming a rare commodity with the low number of training opportunities. In a bid to pursue their dreams, a large number of applicants are taking advantage of the available positions for training in Caribbean Medical Schools. However, returning home with an MD from the Caribbean is not as easy as it seems. You’ll need several qualities to meet the requirements for training.

The GPA Score

While the Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the most important considerations for admission into medical school in Canada and the US, it doesn’t take much reverence in Caribbean Medical Schools. Instead, factors that could have led to the low GPA are put into consideration. They include financial difficulties, sickness, or even death of a family member.

In addition to determination and considerations of the impact of major life events on the GPA, the admitting authorities take into account other possibilities. For instance, you may have found it a little bit hard to get used to life at college which in turn results to lower grades. Moreover, a drop in the grades may have been simply a result of a few classes that unfortunately didn’t work so well.

MCAT Requirements

If your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score is not high enough, there is no reason to worry. Most Caribbean Medical Schools do not factor in MCAT in their admission decisions even though you must show that you went through it in some cases. Nevertheless, you can still use it in place of GPA when the latter is low.

Readiness to Learn

Much of the training in medicine is based on knowledge and understanding of particular basic concepts. To ensure that you possess the ability to perform well in your coursework, most Caribbean Medical Schools will pay special attention to pre-med and science GPA when determining your qualification for admission. The courses considered include chemistry, biology and physics. In addition, you must show that you have the will to learn and make great improvements in the areas you may have poorly performed.

Personal Qualities

While you have better chances of getting accepted for training in Caribbean Medical Schools, academic qualifications alone cannot guarantee you a seat. In most cases, you must go through an interview that would determine the inner qualities that will in take stock of your abilities to practice as a professional physician. It is, therefore, advisable to always be ready for such eventualities.

Remember, seeking admission in Caribbean Medical Schools does not mean that you go low on the standards. To qualify as a physician, you’ll be required to go through as much an intense training course as all other medical students in other countries. The only difference is that you’ve been offered a second chance to have a go at fulfilling your dream. Give it your best.

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