Four Reasons Why You Should Attend Caribbean Medical Schools

Many provinces and territories are lacking in physicians, and getting into a Canadian or American medical school can be a challenge. Instead of getting stressed over the admissions process and figuring out how to pay for a medical education in Canada or the USA, Caribbean medical schools offer an ideal alternative. These medical schools are just as rigorous in their academic standards, but there is less competition and the prices are affordable for a working family. Consider these four reasons why you should attend a medical school in the Caribbean.

Experience an Affordable Medical Education

Attending Caribbean medical schools allows you to experience an affordable medical education. Universities in Canada and the United States are cost-prohibitive to many people. Caribbean universities offering medical degrees are able to provide an education that is affordable even for middle class families. This means that you might not have to take on a lot of debt in order to complete your medical degree.

Gain Experience in Tropical Medicine

By getting your medical education in the Caribbean, you can gain experience in tropical medicine. Tropical medicine is related to infectious disease medicine, but it also includes other important topics such as nutrition and human growth and development. Studying tropical medicine will also prepare you for a career in infectious diseases. You will also gain experience in epidemiology, statistical analysis, surveying and interviewing patients and collecting specimens that can be analyzed in a laboratory.

Learn About Diseases That Are Uncommon in Canada

Attending Caribbean Medical Schools allows you to see, diagnose and treat diseases that are uncommon in Canada. For example, rickets is uncommon in Canada but more common in the Caribbean. Infectious diseases such as Zika, cholera, typhoid, malaria and tuberculosis are also more common in nations that are located closer to the equator than Canada is. Even if you choose to return home and practice medicine in Canada, these experiences will be helpful. Tropical countries are just a plane ride away, and travelers returning home to Canada after going abroad could bring those conditions back home.

Enjoy the Warm and Sunny Weather

Another benefit of going to a medical school in the Caribbean is the warm and sunny weather. If you are not a fan of the long, cold and snowy Canadian winters, a few years in the Caribbean may be just what you need. The weather in the Caribbean is moderate to hot all year long, with little seasonal variation. You will be able to pack light and leave the knitted mittens, woolen socks and down parkas at home.

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