Do You Qualify To Enroll In A Caribbean Medical School?

Qualifying for caribbean medical school
Qualifying for caribbean medical school

The application season to medical schools in the US and the Caribbean is coming up soon. While the majority of U.S. medical schools organize campus tours for those seeking admission, making the trip to the Caribbean medical school may be less feasible due to cost and distance implications. Caribbean medical schools recommend that applicants conduct independent research prior to applying.

When assembling your application to Caribbean medical schools, it pays to first consider the type of applicant you are so that you can identify the specific requirements which you need to meet before submitting your application.

Below is a brief rundown for different application categories:

Basic Sciences Transfer Applicant

Students who have successfully completed some recognized medical school courses will be considered for admission. When applying for this category, you will need to submit a letter from Dean of Students at your previous medical school to verify that you were in good standing. If you are transferring between Caribbean medical schools, you will need to confirm the list of schools that are approved and disapproved prior to submitting an application.

Clinical Sciences Transfer Applicant

If you already have completed clinical rotations at another local institution, you will be considered. Similar to the Basic Sciences transfer applicants, you will also be required to provide a letter from the Dean. However, when applying for Clinical Sciences transfer, you also must pass the USMLE Step 1 during your first attempt and also submit your clinical evaluations.

Clinical Sciences Transfer for International Applicant

Besides the requirements for Clinical Sciences transfer as described above, if you are an international student seeking Clinical Sciences transfer, you must have a B-1 visa to qualify for participating in clinical rotations.

U.S. Applicant

Applicants coming from the U.S. need to fulfill several basic requirements for consideration: your transcripts, a personal statement, 2 recommendation letters, completed pre-requisite courses, and an MCAT score. However, the MCAT score is not considered when your application is being evaluated.

Canadian Applicant

Applicants from Canada have an advantage compared to other applicants as you will not be required to submit either TOEFL or MCAT scores. In addition, Canada has in place its own loans program. Being a Canadian is certainly a big plus!

International Applicant

You will be considered an international applicant if you completed your undergraduate studies in an educational system other than Canadian and United States. Apart from the requirements stated above, you will also be required to submit your IELTS or TOEFL score.


Caribbean medical schools fully appreciate that it calls for motivation to go through their exhaustive process of admission. If you’re encountering any challenges with your application process, most of these institutions have their own dedicated staff members available to help you. There are also online tutorials to guide you through the process.

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