How to Satisfy a Man In Bed

Men aren’t very complicated; feed them, love them and give them sex, and they are happy. While it may be traditional to have the man take the lead in bed, what happens between the sheets doesn’t need to be male-directed.

Learn how to satisfy a man in bed. The most important thing a man wants when he is sexual is for his woman to be an excited participant. This is one of the main ways a man shows his love and affection, so take it as a compliment when he wants to get intimate. Put your all into it and use these ideas to satisfy him.

If you want to add some excitement to the boudoir and give him a ride he won’t soon forget, you need to up your game with some new ideas you may not have tried. Not sure where to get started? Here is how to satisfy a man in bed.

Set the Stage

It doesn’t take long for a guy to get excited, but if you want to satisfy him, get him going at the beginning of the day. You can start with deep kissing in the morning and a little playful touching to get his motor running. Then let him know that he’s gonna get it that night. He will think about it all day, and his excitement will grow.

Send a sexy text or two to remind him, and then by the time he gets home, he will be all over you. Setting a sexual stage for him to look forward to will keep him interested and over-aroused.

Sex Toys

Sex is never a bad idea for a guy, but it can get a little mundane if you always do the same things all the time. To change things up, you should introduce some sexual aids to enhance the experience.

Adult sex toys boost excitement and pleasure for you and your man. You can talk to him about it or surprise him with a toy when you get intimate; he will probably be eager to try. Depending on your desires and fantasies, there are many different toys to try, and nothing is taboo as long as you both agree to use them.

Start with edible sex creams because they are easy to use and fun to play around with. You can get male masturbators who will take the pressure off you and allow him to take a gift toy home. A clitoral stimulator, vibrator or dildo will give him a sexual apparatus to use on you, and it can help him see what pleases you.

It also makes you orgasm faster, so he feels he helped get you there. If you are into it, there are different anal toys and fetish gear to transform your night of lovemaking into a sexual adventure. Ensure he is into the toys because you aim to turn him on.

Take the Lead

This one will probably catch him off guard because he is used to taking control. Start kissing and keep going as you slowly round the bases, ensuring you maintain control.

You get to decide what happens, including foreplay, oral and what positions you will do. He will be in sexual bliss the whole time, that’s for sure.

Explore His Body

This is a task that a man loves to do. They are always eager to work around their partner’s body, so why not return the favour?

Start with kissing his lips and work your way down his neck. You can gently touch his arms and chest until his nipples get erect and dive in for serious attention. Most men don’t even realize that this is a highly sensitive area. Continue to caress his body and find the sensitive spots that turn him on using your fingers, mouth and tongue. This will drive him wild and keep him coming back for more.

Touch Yourself

This is probably something you do when no one is around, and it is a personal experience where you can bring yourself to orgasm. If you want to satisfy your man, do it before him.

You can sit him on the bed and then begin taking off your clothes until you are completely naked. Then start to caress yourself and slowly hone in on your breasts and vulva. Move to the bed and continue the solo work so he gets turned on. Tell him he can masturbate too, but he can’t touch yet, at least not until you cum.

You can also ask him for suggestions for what to do to yourself. This is a top fantasy for men, so provide sexual entertainment and let them sit back and enjoy the show.

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