9 Places That Have Security Guards

In our day-to-day lives, we may have to deal with the threat of violence and theft. This unfortunate reality is hard to deter, so you must take steps to keep your belongings, family and co-workers safe and secure. The best way to do this is with a security guard.

Do you think that a security presence would benefit you or your business? It all depends on what kind of potential threat you face and what risk you are willing to take. Security guards are qualified professionals who can protect your place of work. Their security guard license makes them skilled and knowledgeable about the best measures to safeguard your business.

Deciding if you need security is a tough decision. To help you determine if you should hire a security company, some typical places with security guards.

1. Banks

Banks are one of the most critical places where a security presence is needed. Criminals are on the lookout for unguarded opportunities, and financial institutions have cash. This type of crime often involves deadly weapons, and once an armed robber is in the building, it can go sideways real quick. Having a security guard posted at the door and inside show criminals, it’s worth the risk of a robbery.

2. Condos, Apartments And Gated Communities

House thieves are looking for personal property that is easy to carry and conceal, like jewelry, money and electronic equipment. Having a security guard at your building or gated community is a great visual deterrent. They are trained to look for suspicious activity and can quickly call the police if there is a threat. Most places have the clock presence, so your family and belongings will be safe in your home, day and night.

3. Medical Buildings

Hospitals and clinics have lots of foot traffic coming and going. This is where many pharmaceuticals are kept, and there is a high risk of theft. Security guards placed at building entrances in parking lots and patrolling inside effectively prevent crime.

4. Office Buildings

There are many risks at our place of work, including unlawful entry into the building, workplace violence, sexual assault and theft. Business owners need to protect their staff and business assets by hiring security guards to secure the office and protect those in it. After-hours security around the building is sometimes necessary as well.

5. Event Centres

There is always a flurry of activity at a public or corporate event. Venders are there with their products, and the public is there to shop, learn and enjoy the event. Criminals love these venues because it is easier to rob people in a crowd. They can pickpocket and disappear into the masses before you even know you are missing something. Having a security team working on your event is vital. They will coordinate with the venue security and guard doors, change rooms, booths and protect guest speakers and high-profile business people.

6. Learning Institutions

Our youth and young adults need protection while attending higher learning centres. Campuses are very large, and as students walk from building to building, it is easy for a physical or sexual assault to occur. They need to feel safe while attending class and living on campus. A security company can provide highly-trained staff to patrol the grounds and buildings at college and university campuses. Faculty must keep students, teachers and visitors safe while on their ground and security guards can provide that safety.

7. Shopping Centres

Theft is a major problem. Retail stores and shopping centres are an all-you-can-eat buffet. While most malls have CCTV cameras, they don’t catch everything and are certainly not an effective deterrent. Having a dedicated security staff roaming the mall or big box stores will effectively turn thieves away. You can station uniformed guards at entrances and exits and use plainclothes security walking the floor. They usually work in a team, which effectively coordinates and assists emergency services in the case of theft, medical issues, and violence.

8. Hotels

Hotels are not immune to the threat of violence or robbery. There is a large volume of people coming in and out, and it is easy for a criminal to slip in and cause harm. The security guard will keep a watchful eye in a hotel lobby to monitor the front door, elevators and front desk to make sure anything suspicious people are dealt with quickly and professionally.

9. Construction Sites

A construction site is busy with tradespeople during work hours but quickly becomes a ghost town night. Undercover of darkness, thieves can move around freely, looking for tools, equipment and material to steal. You need a constant presence on site to deter this. Foot patrol with a security guard onsite works great as they can walk a site and use their radio to contact authorities when needed. They also scare off any would-be trespassers. Patrol cars will drive around the buildings and monitor any activity for bigger sites. This is an absolute necessity on all construction sites.

Other places where security guards are vital are:

  • Car dealerships
  • Museums
  • Worship centres
  • Event centres
  • Parking lots

There is a need to protect property and people in our commercial and residential buildings. If you see the need for having security to protect your friends, family or staff, call a qualified security company and let them safeguard what is most important to you.

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