How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise

Master the art of sneaking alcohol on a cruise with our clever tips and tricks. Enjoy your beverages without breaking the rules or your budget.

Taking alcohol on a cruise means discovering clever ways to carry your favourite drinks without getting noticed by cruise security. You can often hide alcohol in normal-looking containers, disguise it as other items, or tuck it away in your luggage. This way, people can enjoy their preferred drinks without paying high prices at ship bars.

Cruises are known for their pricey drink menus, and extra costs can add up fast during your trip. Having your alcohol means saving money while still enjoying a tasty drink in your room or around the ship. Plus, having your favourite drink available makes the journey more enjoyable.

To sneak alcohol onto a cruise successfully, use quiet and creative methods. They should not attract attention from security or other passengers; for instance, using special hidden containers like fake shampoo bottles or sunscreen tubes that hold liquor without raising eyebrows.

Discover how to sneak alcohol on a cruise with this handy guide.

Bring plastic flasks

To use a plastic flask, fill it with your choice of drink and seal it tightly. Afterward, wrap the flask in clothes or soft items in your suitcase to avoid leaks or damage.

Ensure the flask is made of robust and puncture-resistant material to handle pressure changes while travelling. Second, choose a slim, flat flask that can easily fit in your luggage.

The flask should also have a tight-sealing cap or lid to prevent leaks and ensure freshness. Lastly, choose a reusable and washable plastic flask to use again on other trips.

Utilize wine bottles

Cruise lines usually let guests bring limited wine in their luggage. So, if you’re careful and creative, pour your favourite liquor into empty, clean wine bottles and tightly seal them with a cork or screw cap. Pack them safely among your clothes to reduce breakage risks during handling. This method helps you enjoy your favourite drinks without overspending on onboard beverages.

When using wine bottles to bring alcohol on a cruise, remember some critical points. First, ensure the wine bottles look real so they don’t raise suspicions. Choose dark glass bottles because they conceal contents better.

Ensure the bottles are cleaned well and sanitized to remove any remaining smells or residues. Finally, consider the rules of the specific cruise you’re going on since some may have stricter alcohol policies.

Conceal in mouthwash bottles

First, empty a mouthwash bottle. Fill it with your chosen alcohol. Add some food colouring to make it look like mouthwash. Close the bottle tightly. Mix well to spread the food colouring evenly.

You should opt for thick, non-see-through bottles that hide contents and protect them from sunlight. The bottle size should follow cruise line rules, usually 1 litre or less. It’s wise to choose a popular mouthwash brand to avoid suspicion.

After preparing your disguised bottles, pack them carefully with your toiletries in your luggage.

Camouflage in water bottles

First, empty and clean the water bottle well. Fill it with your favourite alcoholic beverage, making sure it looks like an entire water bottle. After hiding your alcohol in the water bottle, place it with other genuine water bottles in your luggage.

Pick a bottle with a label that isn’t see-through or easy to read. The more opaque, the better since it prevents anyone from noticing the liquid inside isn’t water. Also, ensure the cap colour is the same as the original water bottle’s cap because different cap colours could attract unwanted attention.

Finally, stay calm and confident when you pass through security; acting nervous might give you away.

Buy rum runners

Rum runners are a smart way to sneak alcohol onto cruises, letting you enjoy your favourite drinks without high prices. These handy pouches hold and hide liquor as you travel. To use them, fill the rum runners with alcohol and tightly seal the cap. Spread them throughout your luggage, hiding them in your stuff.

When picking rum runners for your cruise trip, choosing top quality products that won’t leak or break is wise. Look for pouches made from durable materials like BPA-free plastic that’s puncture-resistant and flexible enough for pressure changes during sailing.

Consider getting rum runners in different sizes for various types of alcohol or longer trips. A well-sealed cap is also needed to prevent leaks and maintain freshness.

Use shampoo bottles

By putting your beverages in containers that look like shampoo bottles or lotion tubes, you can easily carry them and avoid costly onboard beverages. To do this well, buy leak-proof containers made for this use, usually made from food-grade materials with tight seals. Label the bottles correctly and pack them in checked luggage to avoid suspicion during security checks.

To use this method successfully, know what features to look for when buying these disguised toiletry containers. Choose ones that resemble everyday bathroom products; this will trick security staff or cabin stewards into checking bags.

Pick containers that hold a lot of liquid without being too large. You don’t want a giant shampoo bottle filled with alcohol!

Conceal in food jars

Hiding alcohol in food jars is a creative way to bring your favourite drinks on a cruise. First, choose strong, leak-proof jars that look like regular food containers. Pour your beverages carefully without spilling or leaving alcohol traces outside. Close the jars tightly and wrap them in plastic for extra safety. Hide them by putting them in with other natural food items in your luggage.

Before starting this fun project, it’s helpful to know what factors to consider when picking suitable food jars for hiding alcohol. First, containers containing liquid foods like sauces, dressings, or honey. Clear jars might show what’s inside, so choose opaque or coloured jars.

Use different sizes of jars to make it look like you have a real mix of food in your bags. Label each jar with realistic food names to make them look authentic and avoid suspicion during checks.

Hide within luggage lining

Start by finding a soft bag or suitcase that’s easy to work in. Pick plastic bottles because they won’t break and are safer to carry in your luggage. Then, find a hidden spot in your bag to store the bottles safely. Cut a small hole and put the bottles in carefully so they won’t be seen during luggage checks. After settling into your cruise cabin, remove the hidden bottles from the lining and enjoy your drinks worry-free.

For the hiding spot, choose a hidden part of your bag, maybe along the inside corners or near solid parts. This keeps your bags without noticeable lumps and lowers the chance of getting caught during bag checks by ship security.

Also, find high-quality plastic bottles with sturdy lids to prevent leaks and reveal your secret stash. Finally, remember that even though this method can help you avoid being seen, using containers for carrying alcohol on cruises might be more reliable and effective in protecting your favourite drinks during your journey.

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