A Guide to Traveling with Vape Pen

You’ve got a vacation ahead, flight booked, and luggage packed, but you’re wondering if you can carry your vape pen with you and how to do it. Vape pens are precious belongings. Everyone would love to have them whenever they travel.

You also wouldn’t want to land in a new destination and start searching for a reputable vape supplier immediately; while you can’t miss one or two from the streets, the quality of their e-juices might not match that of your long-time local supplier.

As a vaper, you need to plan your trip strategically by understanding the various laws regarding travelling with vape pens and tips to implement the laws. You can plan your next vacation accordingly by carrying your favourite vape pen Canada. Enjoy your trip with undisrupted vaping moments you will always remember.

Learn the best tips for travelling with your beloved vape pen:

How to Carry a Vape Pen

How you package your vape pen(s) is crucial to saving you from trouble with airport security officers.

  • Vape pens contain internal batteries that can cause a fire if left in the checked baggage section. Therefore, ensure to have your vape pens in the carry-on rather than in the main bag.
  • Package your spare batteries in a tight plastic battery case to prevent incidences of fires and other related accidents.
  • Remember to pack the charger for external-battery vape pens.
  • Disposable vapes are best suited for short trips.
  • You might need to pack your pens half-filled to avoid the risks of full-filled vape pens, such as leakage and fire.

How to Travel with a Vape Pen

You’ve packed your vape pen(s) as per the above tips, and the big day has come. Let’s prepare you with various tips on your travel day to minimize the chances of having your device(s) confiscated, destroyed, or in trouble with the law.

First, turn off the vaporizers before heading to the security section. You are also not allowed to turn it back on or charge it throughout the journey. Safer, you can opt to remove the batteries from the pen.

Also, charge your device before leaving home. Sometimes, the security officers may ask you to turn it on and blow to test its validity. It can get messier if you inform them that it doesn’t have a charge. Either you will have to leave it behind or cancel your trip. You can’t even wish to imagine.

Here are some additional tips for how to travel with a vape pen:

  • Limit excessive activation through rough handling of the carry-on bag or plenty of unnecessary movements to prevent leakage that could lead to accidents or be an inconvenience to other passengers.
  • With the current technology, some vape pens have been designed to appear classy and attractive to the user. However, it may raise suspicion among the security officers at the airport. That way, carrying the simple, common pens with no complex features or techniques would be essential to avoid unnecessary interrogation by the security men.
  • For international flights, understand the different rules and regulations for travelling with vape pens depending on the country you’re departing from and the one you’re heading to. This helps reduce the chances of inconveniences such as arrest, gadget confiscation, or trip cancellation.
  • You’re not allowed to vape in the airport even when your flight is hours away. However, some airports have a designated spot for vapers and other smokers that should be strictly adhered to.
  • Suppose you feel it’s too much not to vape throughout the flight and hours before. In that case, there are plenty of alternatives, such as chewable tobacco (allowed at the airport but not during flight hours), nicotine gums, nicotine pouches, and patches.

Although their impact might not match your cherished vape pen, they will manage the craving and save you from security issues until you land at your new destination. You also need to check different regulations about the above alternatives, although most countries have none of them.

Vaping Laws Across Different Countries

While vaping is entirely illegal in some countries, others allow it under several restrictions that keep changing as years pass. Other countries don’t have any laws concerning vaping since it’s still new and evolving. Below is a quick summary of different vaping laws to have you prepared for your next trip or vacation as a vaper.

Here are the countries and regions where vaping is allowed, but with some restrictions:

  • United States: Classified under tobacco products, vape pens are allowed to use and sold, but with an approved marketing order from the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Europe: Allows vaping but not in public places and also have specified volume and concentration for vape pens.
  • Australia: Allows the use of vape pens but not the sale of nicotine.
  • Japan: Allows the use of vape pens but not the sale of nicotine.
  • South Korea: Allows the use and sale of vape pens under several restrictions.
  • Canada: Allows the use and sale of 20mg/ml of vape juices.

In addition, here are the countries and regions where vaping is restricted:

  • South America.
  • The Middle East.
  • Asia.
  • Argentina.
  • Uruguay.
  • Venezuela.

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