7 Best Tips for Travelling with Vape Juice

Smoking, irrespective of what form it comes in, is a habit engaged with by many in society. Historically, many of us smoked in several formats, such as via a cigar or pipe. Nowadays, cigarettes still dominate the landscape in terms of the most popular format used daily.

That is quickly becoming eclipsed, however, by vaping. Those who enjoy vaping can do so from anywhere and adjust their intake as necessary. For travelling purposes, vaping can be seen as even more accessible than the formats above. If you are travelling to another area, be sure to remember these tips for travelling with vape juice.

Tip #1: Knowing the Travelling Laws

Travelling from your home location to another area can be an exciting time. You will be seeing different locations, each with its unique culture. Conversely, some destinations will not have the same laws as your local area. This sentiment is especially true for smoking and vaping at large.

It is best to look up the laws about vaping in your targeted destination. That way, you will not be caught spontaneously engaging in something that could be penalized. If you require additional information, always ask a government official. Too much information can never hurt when it comes to abiding by the law!

Tip #2: Packing Your Items

When collecting your belongings for travel, an orderly system is generally required. It helps you remain organized so that no stone is left unturned. However, you may want to approach packing your vape items differently. Since this is a rather delicate item, you want to ensure it does not become damaged over the length of travel.

For starters, it may be best to remove any unnecessary components from the device and store them separately. If your vape runs on a battery, having additional batteries and an extra charger will help. You do not want to risk your preferred device going blank on you just as the urge kicks into vape!

Tip #3: The Right System

As mentioned, there are some distinct differences between vaping and cigarette devices. Since most vapes run on an e-liquid source, there is potential for it to leak via sporadic movement. If you experience a bumpy ride in your travelling, and the vape is not secure, it could ruin your belongings.

Always employ an added sense of caution when putting together your packing system. Keep the device away from your clothes, and ensure that all e-liquid is secure. Should you need it, adding additional padding in your bag to soak up potential leaks can be necessary. It is better to be safe, as you never know what may happen.

Tip #4: Travel Method Considerations

Depending on how you are travelling, there will be additional guidelines to know of. For example, travelling by plane will be more challenging than going by train or bus. That is because airport security will inspect your belongings before entering. Ensure that your vape components are secure or disassembled before entering security.

You can be a bit laxer in your approach when travelling via train. It is still, however, in your best interest to secure the vape components so that they do not cause a leak. If you are unsure, review the guidelines outlined by your transportation organization. They will inform you of the best practices to take.

Tip #5: Vaping While Travelling

It may seem a no-brainer, but do not use your vape while travelling! That is because most, if not all, transportation methods have outlawed smoking while being a passenger. If caught, there could be serious penalties when the travel has finished.

Tip #6: Explanations

Sometimes, your transportation method can cause you a bit of a challenge. You could potentially be asked more questions about your belongings than anticipated. In this scenario, do not lose patience, and always explain truthfully. Losing your composure can delay your travels overall.

Tip #7: Keep It Simple

It may seem like travelling with a vape is difficult to complete. Do not let this dissuade you; it can be incredibly simple overall. All it takes is a bit of packing, followed by keeping yourself properly informed.

A simple packing system will ensure you face no troubles while going through security. Shelve the urge to vape while onboard your given transportation method as well. That first hit when you are off the plane can be incredibly satisfying!

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