13 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On a Business Trip

Affairs at work happen often. Many of us are around our work colleagues more than our spouses. If someone is dissatisfied with a personal aspect of themselves or their home life, they don’t have to think about it at work. Without even being aware of it, work can turn into one’s escape.

Unfortunately, there are many possible opportunity or proposition to cheat. A business trip is tempting for many spouses, and the freedom enables them to take action that jeopardize their marriage.

Here are thirteen signs your wife is cheating on a business trip:

Sign #1: Trust your gut

Hopefully, you know if you’re one, suspicions arise naturally about fidelity in time for some people. You don’t want to dismiss these feelings, but you also don’t want to jump to angry accusations. Trust your gut. If you think something’s wrong, look for other signs first. Consider hiring a private investigator or detective to examine the suspicion further.

Sign #2: Trips are getting longer

Suppose business trips are unexpectedly extended regularly, or the trips are slowly becoming longer. In that case, it could signify that your wife is spending extra days away from home to spend time with someone else.

Sign #3: You don’t know where your wife stays

If you can’t verify that they’re staying at a specific hotel or you call the place where they’ve mentioned they’re staying and they aren’t there, something’s up. You should be able to verify that information fairly easily.

Sign #4: Wife is not where she said she’d be

Your wife may not be in the city she says she’s supposed to be in. She may not be following the itinerary she laid out to you or co-workers, you know, maybe contradicting the story she’s given you. In some examples of when there’s cheating on a business trip, there may not even be a business trip, to begin with.

Sign #5: Wife keeps bringing up the same name

A lot of us, when we like someone, we continually bring them up in conversation. If she’s joking about a work husband/wife or if you’re hearing the same name come up repeatedly, something could be going on at work.

Sign #6: There’s emotional distance building

If you notice your wife is emotionally distant or seeking distance while moving towards business trips or work as an escape, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. It may not be cheating, mind you. However, it’s something to consider. Affairs aren’t just physical. There is the emotional background that contextualizes what’s happening.

Sign #7: Wife is always gone

Especially if there are problems at home, your wife may start to say they’re working long hours and always going out after work with work colleagues. She may be unreachable during lunchtime hours or go in on weekends. She may even be completely uncontactable during business trips for long periods.

Sign #8: Suspicious phone use

If your wife is excusing herself for private phone calls more than normal, deleting calls or text messages, receiving text messages throughout the day, or you hear her phone buzz in the middle of the night, these are signs that someone’s trying to reach her during non-work hours. Of course, most people will give the excuse of “Sorry, it’s so-and-so. I have to take this!” but this may not be true.

Sign #9: Discovering a second phone

Your wife may have a second phone for business, or that’s what she may tell you. Alternatively, one day you may randomly discover a second phone. They’re easy to get, especially prepaid. For someone cheating regularly, this is a way to hide all calls and texts and move communications to somewhere more private than their existing smartphone.

Sign #10: Wife puts more effort into how she looks

This is a sure sign that your wife is cheating on a business trip. Look at what they’re packing for clothes. See how they’re doing their makeup. They may even join a gym or go through other means of altering their appearance to impress someone else. One of the earliest signs of a workplace affair is a partner putting more effort into their appearance than usual.

Sign #11: Unexplained credit card charges

You may have amounts on your credit card that don’t seem right or purchases at stores that do not seem related to the business trip. If you don’t check your credit card statements regularly, have a look. Charges could be innocent, but they could also prove that your wife is cheating.

Sign #12: Your wife keeps you away from work

There may be company employees who’ve witnessed the affair, or your wife might just want to keep you away from this other person that she’s committed infidelity with. If something changes regarding her work – such as excluding you from office parties or turning down invitations to pick her up after work – it could be purposeful in design to keep ‘home’ and ‘work’ separate.

Sign #13: Behaviour changes after the trip

After a business trip, you may notice certain behavioural changes, both positive and negative. Often, this translates to the bedroom as well. There may be more sex, less sex, or different sex. Anything that seems unexplained could be a sign that something’s happened.

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