How to Move Across the Country: 12 Steps

Moving across the country is one of the toughest moves you can pull off. It’s only challenged by cases of international relocation. During such a move, so many things could go wrong that could send you into a panic.

In order to move across the country successfully, you need to understand the challenges involved. Being prepared goes a long way in executing a long-distance move successfully.

You can make a long-distance move less stressful by implementing certain helpful practices. The following are twelve little-known tips for how to move across the country.

Step #1: Some employers offer assistance on how to move across the country

If the reason behind moving across the country is due to a job change, ask your new employer whether relocation assistance is offered as part of their benefits package.

Relocation assistance will help cover the costs of your move and resettlement at the new place. It’s always good to ask for assistance. Don’t miss out on the possibility of getting help, considering how demanding moving can be.

Step #2: Gather packing materials days and weeks before the move

Avoid the last-minute rush when moving, be it in the same town or across the country. Whenever you visit the grocery store, ask the customer service personnel if you can take any heavy-duty boxes they might have.

A liquor store is an excellent place to get segregated boxes, too, which are great for packing glasses and knick-knacks. While in some cases you might get them for free, some may ask for a small fee.

Collect other materials such as bubble wrap and old newspapers from friends and family members to avoid having to spend money on them later.

Step #3: Create a moving checklist

Preparation and organization are essential when you move across the country. Regardless of the distance of the move, one thing that remains unchanged is the multitude of tasks that await you. These tasks can be overwhelming, and you may quickly find yourself getting confused.

The exact order in which you should complete pre-move chores is essential in ensuring complete control of the available time. You can’t afford to lose time, especially when moving across the country. Set up a day-by-day or week-by-week moving checklist.

Step #4: Ask family and friends to help with the move

If you have friends and family members along your travel route, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can lend you their couch for a night. It’s a better option compared to spending your money on hotel accommodation.

Set aside some extra time for hanging out with family and friends. This can be a great, constructive way of taking a break during your moving journey.

Step #5: Camp along the way

If the weather is beautiful, consider camping out instead of paying for a hotel room. Look for a campground that has showers. This can make moving across the country a more enjoyable experience, not to mention a memorable travel adventure!

Step #6: Pack a cooler

If you have room in your vehicle, you can save a significant amount of cash by packing your drinks and snacks. If you have to stop, do so for dinner and toilet breaks.

Step #7: Sell your belongings

Selling your belongings so you can buy new ones for your new home is ingenious, especially when pulling off a long-distance move. Moving across the country with as little luggage as possible is highly cost effective.

Consider the difference between the costs of hiring a large moving truck versus that of purchasing new stuff when you get to the new residence. You may be surprised to discover you’re better off buying new stuff.

Step #8: Check out storage options

If you have family valuables and keepsakes that you may need to safeguard, consider renting from a trusted moving and storage service provider. If you decide to rent a storage unit, make sure you use it since it will continue racking up fees regardless.

You may also consider asking a trusted friend or family member to house them for you in their home until you can arrange for their transportation.

Step #9: Compare moving companies

Consider hiring a moving company with the requisite experience. Compare multiple relocation service providers near you. Factors such as additional services, reliability and price should influence your decision. Experience with cross-country moves is critical here.

Step #10: Be smart about your moving truck

Book the exact truck size you need. Renting a truck that’s too large will result in extra costs in terms of rental fees and gas.

If you’re considering moving by yourself, don’t underestimate or overestimate the size of the truck you will need for the move.

Step #11: Pack for the move strategically

Instead of flinging boxes into the moving truck, brainstorm with whoever is helping you on how to pack your stuff most logically. This way, you get to make use of most of the space inside the truck. You also ensure your stuff fits appropriately and is safe throughout the journey.

Step #12: Seek out hotel deals

When you are moving across the country, set aside some time to rest. Before you begin the move, search for hotels and restaurants along your way and find out whether they are offering deals.

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