6 Best Travel Shoes for Women to Wear

Settling on the perfect travel shoes is probably one of the most critical and frustrating parts of preparing for that long-awaited vacation or tour around the world. Most times, you end up tiring yourself by carrying more pairs of shoes than you actually need. In other cases, you might still get blisters even with those many shoe options simply because they are not suitable for travel activities. What then should be your checklist for the type of shoes to bring along? Factors to consider in choosing the perfect travel shoe include comfort, the climate or terrain of your travel destination.

Another consideration is their ability to provide orthopedic support, especially if you have foot problems and the type of insole. You will also need quality cotton socks. The shoes should be versatile enough to allow wearing a pair multiple times in a variety of settings. Here are six of the best travel shoes for women.

1. Sneakers

While sneakers are a must-have for any traveller, many struggle with finding the perfect thick-soled and extra comfy closed footwear. This is the kind of shoe you can wear daily without looking like a tourist, or as if you are going to the gym. That being said, there are a couple of things you should look out for when packing travel sneakers. They should be lightweight, flexible and have a contoured insole for extra support (mostly if you have feet problems).

Others come with a removable and anti-microbial insole, which ensures your feet remain dry and fresh throughout the day. Lastly, they should be stylish because let’s be honest; we all want to look good. Some of the most trendy and fashionable travel sneaker brands include the retro Cole Haan sneaker. Others are the highly sophisticated lace-up M.Gemi sneaker, Adidas sneakers and Ecco sneakers that combine a classic vibe, affordability and innovative technology in one.

2. Slip-Ons

These are basically sneakers without laces. They have a highly elastic outsole that easily bends as you move and can be washed at any time. Besides, the material used in the upper shoe section is knit fabric, which allows your feet to breath while at the same time preventing overheating.

Whether you are walking down the streets as you pass by all your favourite sites or going for a dinner date, these low profile slip-on can never disappoint. Once you get home from your travels, you can wash the entire shoe. Among the slip-ons rated the most comfortable travel shoes is the UGG Sammy Sneaker, Skechers, Breathe Easy Sneakers, and the Hawaiian Olukai Pehuea.

3. Flats

If you’re looking for the best travel shoes for women that feel comfortable, go for flats. Although most of them do not provide a lot of support, you could add an insole to provide extra comfort. Better yet, go for Puma’s women’s vega Ballet flat that gives you a pillowy feel as you walk around; or loafers that mould to your feet. Other travel flats you could try out include the Italian Felize, Moccasin, Clarks, the Everlane Day Glove flat, and the Vionic Minna flat.

4. Sandals

Sandals are ideal for warm weather and look gorgeous in any outfit, be it skirts, dresses or even a pair of shorts. However, avoid the more elaborate and expensive-looking sandals when shopping since they tend to offer less support compared to the more sporty versions. Chaco’s classic athletic sandal, the Plaka flat sandal, Beek finch sandal, lightweight waterproof foam sandals and Birkenstocks are among the best travel sandals out there. If you don’t have a pair, get one ASAP!

5. Boots

The thing about boots is that although they are incredibly adorable, they are absolutely unrealistic. You need different boots for different climates. Therefore, even as you plan for your trip, you need to factor the weather conditions at your trip location. For example, dark leather is preferred during winter since it’s warm and hides stains. Suede, on the other hand, is suitable for summer. The break-in period for your boots should take at least 2-3 weeks before your trip since they require a more extended break-in period. Go for some Clark desert boots, Chelsea boots, or blondo.

6. Vegan Shoes

When you mention the word vegan, the first thing that comes to mind is an animal-free diet. We also have vegan footwear. These are shoes made of synthetic fabrics as opposed to animal products such as leather suede, wool, silk or fur. Over the years, the options in vegan shoes have expanded as advanced technologies have led to the development of what we now know as synthetic leather. Some of the best vegan travel shoes for women include corduroy Carmel sneakers, metal trim loafers, and Merrell’s all-out crush 2 gore-tex.

At the end of the day, comfort comes before style. There is no need to go through the agony of hurting your feet and getting blisters just to make a fashion statement. Also, be sure to let your shoe break-in by wearing them several weeks before your travel day.

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