21 Best Ideas for a Travel Gift Basket

Do you have a travel enthusiast in your life and want to help make their next trip extra special? A travel-themed gift basket is a perfect way to help them prepare for their upcoming adventure.

It’s easy to create a fun travel-themed basket. Whether flying across the world or driving across the country, a well-curated gift basket will make a trip more enjoyable. The recipient will surely thank you for the thoughtful gift you have designed to make their travel experience the best yet.

Here are the 21 best ideas for a travel gift basket:

Idea #1: Travel Pillow

There’s no arguing that flying is one of the fastest ways to get to far-off locations. But waiting for hours on end at an airport can be frustrating. Here are some ideas to help make an airport stay and flight easier.

Sleeping is never easy on a plane. A travel pillow is a must-have on a long flight. You can get a stuffed one or an inflatable one that can pack up small when not in use. Travel pillows make great additions to any gift baskets Canada.

Idea #2: Compression socks

Sitting for hours is not a good idea for anyone. A cute pair of compression socks will help prevent swelling and encourage proper blood flow in the lower limbs.

Idea #3: Luggage Tags

A decorative luggage tag is a great way to help identify bags on a busy luggage carousel.

Idea #4: Toiletry bag

Include sanitizer, deodorant, soap, and dry shampoo to freshen up on the go. Just make sure you follow all appropriate regulations for carry-on items.

Idea #5: Eye Mask

Travelling can be tiring. An eye mask can help people get much-needed shut-eye on a flight by providing a dark environment.

Idea #6: Kindle & Handheld Reader

Lots of people love reading, but books are bulky items to pack. A handheld reader is an ideal way to give the gift of many books in a tiny package.

Idea #7: Collapsible Water bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is so important. A collapsible water bottle is an ideal gift because you can fill it after going through security.

Idea #8: Wireless Earbuds

The cords on a standard pair of earbuds get in the way and are prone to breaking. Wireless earbuds are sure to make a flight more enjoyable. Bonus points for noise cancelling!

Idea #9: Paper Roadmap

A road trip is often the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some ways to help make it more fun, safe, and clean. As reliable as technology is, there’s always a chance of a dead battery or a place with no cell reception. Help prevent the road trip from taking a wrong turn with a paper map.

Idea #10: Picnic style basket or Cooler

Road trip snacks bought along the way will quickly add up in expense. A basket or cooler will allow the road-tripper to pack ahead of time. You can even fill the rest of your gifts into it.

Idea #11: Quick Dry Travel Towel

Regular towels take up a lot of space. A travel towel made of microfiber will roll up small and dry quickly after use.

Idea #12: Gift Card for Audiobooks

That long road trip is the perfect time to listen to a new audiobook or an old favourite.

Idea #13: Road Assistance Kit

No one expects car trouble, but if it happens, then at least you can make sure the adventurers are prepared.

Idea #14: Travel surge protector

A power bar is an excellent addition to a gift basket if a road trip is long enough to include stops overnight in a hotel or motel. You can even buy one that has USB ports.

Idea #15: Notebook and pens

Help your friend or loved one preserve all the memories they are making on their trip by including a beautiful notebook.

Idea #16: Favourite Snacks

All parents dread the inevitable chorus of “are we there yet?” from the back seat. Here are some ways to help keep the kids busy on a long trip. The parents and kids will both thank you for these. Prepackaged on-the-go snacks so the kids aren’t constantly complaining they are hungry.

Idea #17: Magnetic Drawing board

Draw and erase repeatedly without needing to go through a reem of paper. Also, bonus, it’s mess-free!

Idea #18: Magnetic Travel Board Games

These games are a fun and easy way to pass the time. The magnets ensure that pieces don’t get lost all over the car.

Idea #19: Kids Camera & Disposable Camera

Kids love taking pictures, and their own camera is a perfect way to help keep them occupied.

Idea #20: Puzzle Books

The best thing about a puzzle book is that it will never run out of batteries. There are many kinds to choose from, such as word search, crossword, and sudoku. Pick their favourite or get one of each.

Idea #21: Book of ideas

Remember all the games we played when we were kids on road trips before the age of handheld technology? The alphabet game, eye spy, etc. Write them down with quick instructions to help the kids from being bored.

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